The strength of BioPredict, Inc. is not only its technologies but also the scientific rigor and experience of its people.  Our scientists have many years of experience in computational support of biological and drug discovery projects.   The staff at BioPredict is highly interdisciplinary, with expertise in chemistry, physics, computational chemistry, structural biology, mathematics, biochemistry and computer science. BioPredict, Inc. brings these resources to bear on one practical goal: adding significant value and insights to drug discovery programs.  Key personnel include:

Richard Fine    Founder and Vice President for Science

Richard Fine received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago and subsequently held postdoctoral and faculty positions in biology and physics at Columbia University and at Brookhaven National Laboratory.   Prior to founding BioPredict Dr. Fine served as Vice President of the Computational Drug Discovery Division of Discovery Partners International, Inc, as founder and CSO of Structural Proteomics, Inc., and as a Corporate Fellow at BioSym Technologies, Inc.   Dr. Fine has over 15 years of experience in the development and application of computational methods to problems in biology and drug discovery.  Dr. Fine has over 80 publications in peer reviewed journals as well as patents for computational technologies and for new chemical entities for treatment of disease.  

Boris Klebansky   Founder and Vice President for Technology

Boris Klebansky received his graduate education in applied mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence at the Novosibirsk University, the Weitzman Institute of Science, and the Hebrew University.  Prior to founding BioPredict Dr. Klebansky served as Vice President of the Computational Drug Discovery Division of Discovery Partners International, Inc., as founder and CTO of Structural Proteomics, Inc., and founder and CEO of the BK Computer Corp.  For over ten years Dr. Klebansky has turned his extensive knowledge of image processing, signal processing, learning systems, and applied mathematics to the design and implementation of novel algorithms to support drug discovery. 

Jerry Skiles Director of Medicinal Chemistry

Jerry Skiles received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in organic chemistry. Jerry has experience in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, from research and development, to clinical trials, preparation and submissions of INDs to the FDA, and cGMP and regulatory issues, and CMC.   He has served as the Project Team Leader in numerous therapeutic areas (i.e., diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular, anti-viral, inflammation, CNS, emphysema, and oncology), and has had numerous compounds from his own laboratory enter Phase I – III clinical trials.  For example, his work in HIV work culminated in the discovery of Nevirapine as a potent and specific non-nucleoside inhibitor of human HIV reverse transcriptase which is marketed under the name Viramune®.

 Jason Xinshan Kang  Director of Drug Discovery

Dr. Kang received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University and completed postdoctoral training in computer-driven drug discovery at the University of California, San Francisco, laboratories of "Tack" Irwin Kuntz and of Richard Shafer.  Prior to joining BioPredict Dr. Kang worked with Drs Fine and Klebansky at Discovery Partners International and at Structural Proteomics, Inc.  Dr. Kang has also held a position as a computational scientist at PTC Therapeutics.